Dinner für Acht
Das Land:Österreich
Regisseur:Bernhard Ratka
Schauspieler:Katharina Scheuba, Nina Hafner, Samuel Tehrani, Angelo Konzett, Lara Neversal, Ylva Maj

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Dinner für Acht stream HD german Sophie, Arian, Lizzy, Markus, Georg and Caro, a group of friends who regularly meet for dinner on Friday nights. They dine together, drink and philosophise about God and the world. This time, however, the students come across an explosive topic in their table discussions: to what extent are we being monitored with our digital devices? For example, is "someone" constantly listening in via Alexa & Co? Or is it all just a wild conspiracy theory? They want to put it to the test and come up with a diabolical plan...

Dinner für Acht
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